Young Adult series about a disparate group of High School teens caught up in a viral outbreak who must confront their di[...]
AFK is a new webseries in development that will follow the misadventures of a group of gamers who mysteriously wake up i[...]
The science of movies put under a microscope. #mythbusters had it coming.[...]
A New Zealand/Philippine battleship from 2319 becomes stuck 300 years in the past.[...]
Fighting crime... 8 bits at a time![...]
Stranded in 2014, 1987's greatest detectives battle supernatural forces.[...]
run or fall
A free runner working for the mafia as a drug delivery man suddenly witnesses something he shouldn't have seen and is no[...]
The show follows the (mis)adventures of our hero, Suzy, who is trying to find where she belongs in this world.[...]
wastelander panda
The tale of Arcayus, the last remaining panda in a post-apocalyptic Wasteland. [...]
NZ Fight Report is New Zealands very first web series dedicated to previewing and promoting local events and fighting ta[...]