the next big nothing
The Next Big Nothing follows Logan through the trials and tribulations of a struggling actor living in New Zealand’s fil[...]
Two guys and a robot living life to the absolute average.[...]
nz idle
The series is a comic take on the prevailing attitudes toward the unemployed and those of them who engage in independent[...]
Retail - the misadventures of a group of workers in a media store. [...]
The Big Black Snake watches over Auckland city and he protects the innocent.[...]
tina web series
A comedy web series involving a tuatara expert, a love doll and a whole lotta crazy![...]
Joe and Richard have to put up with each other for 5 weeks, living in a small cabin in the heart of Wellington, New Zeal[...]
jungle fever2
JF2: Primal Fury is a 12 part series where DK Bond must fight to save a population of oppressed puppets from an evil dic[...]
Alice Chapman has given up on dating in her home town of Wellington, New Zealand and turns to online video dating in her[...]
Wolvesblade wakes up dazed and bleeding on the magical forest floor. One of his ears is missing. His only companion is a[...]