Young Adult series about a disparate group of High School teens caught up in a viral outbreak who must confront their di[...]
Anamata Future News is a Māori web series featuring news bulletins from the near and distant future. [...]
The web series follows a trio of teenagers who do research in to the paranormal.[...]
A New Zealand/Philippine battleship from 2319 becomes stuck 300 years in the past.[...]
Stranded in 2014, 1987's greatest detectives battle supernatural forces.[...]
letting go
Alien abductions....[...]
Mitsabi’s Dream is the only web series ever based on a webcomic - The Angels2200.[...]
In the 23rd century humans have ventured into the stars. Two empires vie for power along the known sectors of the Milky [...]
In this epic science-fiction saga, three characters will cross paths in a struggle against forces and creatures that are[...]