AFK is a new webseries in development that will follow the misadventures of a group of gamers who mysteriously wake up i[...]
Lovely Little Losers is a vlogseries inspired by Shakespeare's play Love's Labour's Lost. [...]
Theatre of Wet is a micro web series revolving around the adventures of two stepbrothers when they buy a theatre. [...]
Lost in LA is a hilariously candid romp through the streets of Los Angeles, where bright-eyed talent and ambitious tripl[...]
For all Whiskey Aficionado's this is one man's take on different whiskeys. A not too serious review of the fine dram. I[...]
A Canadian couple (Jordan and Jenna) who have lived in Canada all their lives, make the decision to move to New Zealand [...]
A web-series following the trivial day-to-day happenings of two broke New Zealanders as they chase the "American Dream".[...]
Kiwiland follows a stereotypical 21st century family who live in New Zealand, the Swindells. This mockumentary follows t[...]
Sometimes when a man tries to do good, it goes bad. This is the journey of Terry Huffer, from prog rock hero to local ra[...]
A New Zealand/Philippine battleship from 2319 becomes stuck 300 years in the past.[...]