Can’t get enough of web series? Or want to submit your own web series to a festival?
Here’s a comprehensive list of Web Fests from around the world with dates of the festivals; and deadlines to submit your own web series.

(These details are subject to change, so be sure to confirm them with the Festival organisers directly)

IAWTV Awards (The Int’l Academy of Web TV ) January Las Vegas, US http://www.iawtv.org
allowed Streamy Awards February Aug-Oct Los Angeles, US http://www.streamys.org
allowed LA WebFest March Dec-Feb Los Angeles http://www.lawebfest.com
Seattle Web Fest March January Seattle, US http://seattlewebfest.com
SXSW Film Awards March Oct-Nov Austin, TX http://sxsw.com/film/awards/about
Carballo Interplay April Spain http://carballointerplay.com/
DC Webfest / D.C. Web & Digital Media Festival April March Washington, DC http://dcwebfest.co/
allowed FirstGlance Film Festival (LA) April Summer Los Angeles http://www.firstglancefilms.com/
allowed HollyWeb Festival – U.S. April Jun-Jan LA, US http://www.hollywebfestival.com/
allowed Rome Web Awards April January Rome, Italy http://www.romewebawards.it/index.php/en/
Indie Series Awards (ISA) 6 April 2016 31 December 2015 Los Angeles http://www.indieseriesawards.com/
allowed TO Web Fest May Jan-March Toronto, Canada http://www.towebfest.com/
Vidfest UK May Invitation London http://www.mcmcomiccon.com/london/attractions/vidfest-uk/
allowed Webby Awards May Nov-Dec Kentucky, US http://www.webbyawards.com/index.php
allowed Vancouver Web Fest May Oct-Dec Vancouver, Canada http://www.vancouverwebfest.com
Montreal Web Fest May Québec, Canada http://webfestmontreal.ca/home/
n/a ATX Television Festival June n/a Austin http://www.atxfestival.com
allowed Austin Web Fest June Nov-March Texas, U.S. http://www.austinwebfestival.com/
Baja WebFest June April/May Mexico http://bajawebfest.com/
Few Webfest June Madrid http://www.few-webfest.com/
Internet Week June Feb-March New York http://www.internetweekny.com/
allowed New Media Film Festival June Nov-May Los Angeles http://www.newmediafilmfestival.com/
allowed SF Web Fest June 28 Feb San Francisco http://sfwebfest.com/
allowed Melbourne Web Fest July Jan-April Australia http://melbournewebfest.com/
KO Webfest July Korea & Northeast Asia https://www.facebook.com/Kowebfest
Sicily Web Fest August Sicily, Italy http://sicilywebfest.com/
allowed Webfest Berlin September May-June Berlin, Germany http://webfest.berlin
allowed Raindance London Web Fest September April-June London, UK http://raindancefestival.org/raindancewebfest/
allowed Roma Web Fest – Italy September February Italy http://www.romawebfest.it/en
allowed ITVFest (International Television Festival) September June Vermont, US http://itvfest.org/
ATL WEBFEST October July – Sept Georgia, U.S. http://atlwebfest.com/
Campi Flegrei Web Series Fest October Naples https://it-it.facebook.com/campiflegrei.webfest
allowed FirstGlance Film Festival (Philadelphia) October March-June Philadelphia http://www.firstglancefilms.com/
IMMaginario WebFest October Perugia http://www.immaginario.tv/immwebfest/
Liegi Web Fest October Belgium http://liegewebfest.be/
allowed Marseille Web Fest October April Marseilles, France http://www.marseillewebfest.org/
allowed NYTVF (New York Television Festival) October May-June New York http://www.nytvf.com/
allowed Miami WebFest October March-Aug Miami, Florida http://miamiwebfest.com/
Bilbao Web Fest October May-June Spain http://www.bilbaowebfest.com/
Brooklyn Web Fest 10-15 October 15 September USA http://brooklynwebfest.com
Online Video Awards (OVAs) 21 October 2015 Australia http://www.ovas.tv
UK Web Festival 25 October 2015 30 September UK http://www.ukwebfest.com/
NZ WebFest 7th November 2015 N/A Auckland, New Zealand http://www.NZwebfest.com #nzwf2015
Dublin Web Fest 20-22 November 2015 Dublin, Ireland http://dublinwebfest.com/ #dubwebfest
Cinema Tous Ecrans (All Screens Film Festival) November Geneva, Switzerland http://www.cinema-tous-ecrans.com/
allowed Unofficial Google+ Film Festival November tba Global http://www.ugpff.com/
allowed Rio Web Fest 6-8 November 31st August Brazil https://filmfreeway.com/festival/RioWebFest
NYC Webfest 13/14 November 2015 New York City http://nycwebfest.com/
SHE Webfest November New York City https://filmfreeway.com/festival/RioWebFest
New York WebFest tba tba New York http://nycwebfest.com/
tba Singapore Webfest tba tba Singapore http://www.webfest.hk/
Prado Real Web Fest tba tba Spain http://www.pradorealwebfest.com/
The Online Film Festival Monthly Monthly Online http://www.theonlinefilmfest.com/ #TOFF
International Online Web Fest 31st August Online http://www.iowf2015.com/