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About AFK:

AFK is a new gaming / fantasy web series that will follow the misadventures of a group of gamers who mysteriously wake up in the bodies of their MMO characters. Gender swapped, confused and out of their element, they must work together to survive in a hostile new world.

Filmed entirely in New Zealand, home of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.



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  • pilot

    AFK: The Webseries – Pilot Double Episode

    Disorientated and confused in a chaotic new world, the gamers find themselves quickly making new friends, and new enemies.

  • episode three

    AFK: The Webseries – Episode 3: NEWBS

    Steven and Brendon find themselves prisoners, while Q, Maybel and Jack try to survive their first night in a new world. Also, panic stricken undead rogues, and a bunny.

  • episode four

    AFK: The Webseries – Episode 4: NINJAS

    Jack suffers a setback, while Stevens revelation has a serious effect on his relationship with Brendon.

  • episode five

    AFK: The Webseries – Episode 5: PVP

    Maybel struggles with her new body, and Vanya and Q battle each other in a test of willpower.

  • episode six

    AFK: The Webseries – Episode 6: INC MOB

    As the group comes together, they find themselves pursued by the Behemoth, but get help from an unexpected source.

  • episode seven

    AFK: The Webseries – Episode 7: OOE

    Split up and exhausted, Jack, Steven and Brendon butt heads, while Q and Maybel try to get to the bottom of a mystery.

  • episode eight

    AFK: The Webseries – Episode 8: IRL

    In the aftermath of traumatic events, the gamers open up about their lives.

  • episode nine

    AFK: The Webseries – Episode 9: PHAT LEWT

    Discovering a tavern, has the group finally found a place to call home? Meanwhile, Jack’s mysterious pursuer falls into the clutches of Vanya.

  • episode ten

    AFK: The Webseries – Episode 10: NPC

    A new arrival causes trouble for the group, and the identity of Jacks stalker is finally revealed.

  • episode eleven

    AFK: The Webseries – Episode 11: PUG

    After taking over the Tavern, Vanya Forces Q to make a difficult decision, while Jack and Amy’s relationship comes to a turning point.

  • episode twelve

    AFK: The Webseries – Episode 12: ZERG

    Events come to a head as a group of gankers attack the tavern.


Mia Pistorius
Calum Gittins
JJ Fong
Grae Burton
Ravi Narayan
Dallas Barnett
Vanya Essin
Hweiling Ow


A Haynes Film Production
Directed By Peter Haynes
Written By Peter Haynes
Screenplay By Peter Haynes
Produced By Hweiling Ow, Joselyn Khor



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