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About Agency:

“Agency” is a satirical comedy series based around the activities of a small creative marketing agency in Wellington, staffed by three hapless but genuine and enthusiastic marketing wannabes – the owner, the creative, and the account manager. The first season of our series will consist of six more episodes, running at approximately ten minutes each.

It is loosely based on challenges familiar to anyone whose professional life includes exposure to the marketing, branding and advertising industries. Viewers will enjoy seeing an intelligent parody of universal challenges that include harnessing creative personalities, managing difficult clients, approaching today’s highly competitive pitch environment, overcoming production disasters, and navigating an industry that from the outside might seem imaginative, glamorous and exciting – but can also be clumsy, mindless and absurd.

If you’ve ever had an irritating boss, an impossible client, a production disaster, a blundered pitch, a work-related ethical dilemma or a drink too many at the company Christmas function, then Agency is the comedy web-series for you.

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Benjamin Forman as Tom
Samantha Reed as Summer
Glen Puklowski as Duncan


Directed by Judah Finnigan
Produced by Olivia Shanks
Written by Judah Finnigan & Glen Puklowski
Cinematography by Matt Henley
Sound by Joel Anscombe-Smith
Camera Assistance by Frida Elmstrom Ekstramd
Lighting by Michael Engelbrecht & Dan Harris
Hair and Make-up by Maia Renner
Edited by Judah Finnigan & Benjamin Forman
Sound Mixing by Chris Ward
Title Design by Phyo Thu
Sponsorship Management by Kat Lintott
Social Media by Cam Bisley



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