arksville homicides
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About The Arksville Homicides :

Frank Wepps is a new arrival to Arksville and has a new position at the Arksville Police Department. The Police Department, to keep the crime rate down, simply does not report the crimes, keeping it all very quiet and the image of the town serene.
But something is wrong from the start of Frank’s arrival – the feeling someone is stalking his family. Sure enough a figure that has a strange unearthly feel is seen following his daughter – Patricia, and his wife – Lucy.
Planned to be a Monthly Release



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    Prologue (with Teaser at end)

    Quivera (Now Kansas) June 1541.
    Famed Spanish Explorer Francisco Vasquez de Coronado is heading through what is now modern day Kansas on a mission. A box containing unknown contents that has been kept sealed under lock and key by the Vatican has been delivered to him to take as far from civilization as possible and bury as deep in the Earth as possible, never to be found again.


    Arrival and Murder

    Arksville – November 1967.
    The Wepps family is heading to Arksville, hoping for a new start.
    Meanwhile at the Arksville Police Department, Lieutenant Eidalman meets with Jimmy Luciano to discuss something Arksville hasn’t seen in seven years…


    Joining Forces and the Morgue

    Captain Hoffman (Dallas Barnett) reveals Lt. Eidalman’s new Sergeant – Frank Wepps (Chriss Anglin).
    Eidalman is then confronted by an angry Margaret Hurston (Natalie Beran) – local reporter for ‘The Arksville Telegraph’ and the two join forces to investigate the recent homicide.
    The Wepps family arrives at their not so perfect new home.
    Eidalman and Hurston visit Coroner Myron Raskin (Daley Winterstein) to find out more information on the John Doe, things begin to get strange when Father William Langston (Stephen Richards) arrives to bless the body.


Chriss Anglin
Dallas Barnett
Jennifer Bainbridge
Kevin Harty
Steven Richards
Barry Duffield
Anna Hewlett
Daley Winterstein
Natalie Beran


Directed and Written By Lewis Roscoe
Musical Composer: Sven Faulconer


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