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About Auckward Love:

Auckward Love is a new comedy web series that shines a light on what it’s like to be a single 20-something-female in today’s dating game, complete with the trials and tribulations, the fun times and hard, and of course the highs, and those ridiculously familiar lows.



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  • Episode ONE

    Episode 1 SO, THIS IS US | Auckward Love

    Finding love needs to start somewhere…

  • Episode two

    Episode 2 WAX ON, WAX OFF | Auckward Love

    Some times you need a little more, other times you need a little less…

  • Episode three

    Episode 3 GET OVER YOUR SELFIE | Auckward Love

    Give and you shall receive… whether you want it or not…

  • Episode four

    Episode 4 CHIVALRY IS NOT DEAD | Auckward Love

    “All men are either gay or taken…” or just “different”.

  • Episode five

    Episode 5 HUNGER GAMES | Auckward Love

    You think she looks like that cause of her diet?

  • Episode six

    Episode 6 PARTY LIKE IT’S 2004 | Auckward Love

    Maybe reliving the past isn’t the best idea…

  • Episode seven

    Episode 7 GOOD JOB | Auckward Love

    Sometimes when you try to do good, it goes painfully wrong.

  • Episode eight

    Episode 8 IT’S ALL ABOUT ATMOSPHERE | Auckward Love

    It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it.


Holly Shervey – Alice
Luci Hare – Vicky
Jess Holly Bates – Grace
Jess Sayer – Zoe
Dean O’Gorman – Dan
Zinnie Selwyn – Samuel
Will Hall – Willard
Ben Barrington – Brian
Darlene Mohekey – Jacinta
Michael Probine – Matthew
Shara Connolly – Leah
Richard Green – Gus
Emmett Skilton – Curtis
Taylor Barrett – Gus
Jessemey Bank – Felicity
Margerie Probine – Eleanor
Christel Chapman – Sally
Lean Carrell – Lana
Louisa Hutchison – Amy
Cherie Moore – Charlie
Jaya Robertson – Jamie
Amanda Tito – Alana


Created by Holly Shervey
Written by Jess Sayer and Emmett Skilton
Directed and Produced by Emmett Skilton

Cinematography by Nina Wells
Edited and Graphic Design by Enny Benzonelli
Sound Design and Mix by Amy Barber
Photography by Sacha Stejko

Executive Producers
Holly Shervey
Jess Sayer
Emmett Skilton
Charlotte Larsen



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