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Diaries Downunder is Queenstown at it’s finest. Snowboarding in the winter and Mountain Biking in the Summer, we produce 10 episodes a year showing you why we live in this wee wonderland.
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2013, 2014, 2015

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      Diaries Downunder 2015 – Episode 1 : All-Time June | TransWorld SNOWboarding

      The kickoff to winter in New Zealand has been all-time this season as Mother Nature has puked plenty of powder across the mountainous regions and the Diaries Downunder crew has wasted no time in getting after it.


      Diaries Downunder 2015 – Episode 2 : Snow, Surf or Both? | TransWorld SNOWboarding

      Blake Thornton is a professional surfer hailing from Sydney, Australia and has set out on a mission to adventure around the globe. For his latest adventure, he is welcomed by the Diaries Downunder crew in Christchurch, New Zealand and is whisked away to the nearby Canterbury Club Fields and off to a hidden gem known as Mount Cheeseman.



      Diaries Downunder 2014 – Hello Winter, is that you!
      Winter has hit in one fell swoop in New Zealand and the mountains are now well geared up for another epic season here at the bottom of the world! Diaries Downunder 2014 Pre-Season Ep is a preview for the season to come, and is all about the good times and the reminder that winter can be the best of time of the year to enjoy the mountains and get out there and exercise your right to shred.
      Winter in New Zealand is just starting, and the mountains of New Zealand are now coated in a beautiful layer of nature’s finest offering. New Zealand’s Southern Alps will serve as the Southern Hemisphere’s premier winter playground for the next 4 months and Diaries Downunder will be there to capture the very best of it. This is a teaser to the rest of what is looking like an all-time season! Hello Winter 2014!
      Stay tuned for the full series dropping throughout the next 4 months – there are still 4 more episodes to come!


      Episode 2 2014

      There are so many different ways to access the mountains in New Zealand, whether it be a T-bar, a nutcracker rope-tow, a chairlift or a helicopter! In this episode the crew get amongst 2 of the finest modes of transport earth has available – a brand new high speed 6 seater chairlift and one of the most surefire ways to find powder..a helicopter.


      Episode1- So Much Snow!

      In episode 1 of the 2013 season, Queenstown winter shows us the best start to the season that anyone can recall.
      SO MUCH SNOW..and it’s still June!


      Episode 2 – Midwinter Man Mission

      Ryan Tiene catches wind that we have 2 helicopters, guns and fireworks and makes his way to Queenstown. We head to some of the highest terrain in the Southern Alps just out of Queenstown we take him on a manly excursion.


      Episode 3 – August Snowboarding Circus!

      The season has reached August, which for many pro riders rings a very special bell! It’s the month of competitions and riders from all over the world head to New Zealand’s Southern Alps, to show everyone what they’ve got!


      Episode 4 – Jossi Wells Shreds Everything!

      Is this episode we take Jossi to some of the Southern Lakes finest shredding locations and get an insight into what makes Jossi enjoy taking his skills to the snow in more than just one discipline around these parts.


      Episode 5 – SPRING IS GOOD!

      In this episode we salute Spring, and make the most of some of the best powder conditions of the season. Blue skies and powder is a hard combination to beat. Combine that with one of the best zones we have ever found and you have Episode 5.


Diaries Downunder is made possible by:
Air New Zealand
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