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The aim of this project is to create a Documentary that takes you on a journey of discovery into the making of an electric car. The series is hosted by Theo Gibson, Sebastian Telfer and roving reporter Chris Armstrong. Seb and Theo find an old used car and recycle it, by converting it from gasoline power to 100% electric drive.



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    Research Required

    This is the first episode of a five part documentary series about converting a petrol car to electric. This documentary was made on a zero budget with most people working on it because they believed in the subject and wanted to see it through to its conclusion. The majority of sponsorship we received went towards the construction of the Sera EV for the series.


    Parts Parts and more Parts (DIY Electric Car)


Presenter Theo Gibson
Chris Armstrong
Sebastian Telfer


Director Theo Gibson
Writer Theo Gibson
Production Manager Robin Gee
Production Assistant Lisa Prestt
1st AD Robin Gee
DOP Venusi Junior Taumopeau
Camera Konstantin Tanner & Karl Sheridan
Editor Sebastian Telfer
Sound Post Theo & John Gibson
Composer John Gibson
Technical Support Sai Yin Leung
Producer Theo Gibson



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