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About Frontier – Prelude to Darkness:

At the end of the 23rd century, Earth’s empire in space – the Terran Imperial Union has begun a full-scale war with a civilization of humans who left earth over a hundred years ago – the Dakota Republic. Retired Air Force Major – John Caine (voiced by Lewis Roscoe) has lost his entire family to the Dakota, and now he has been recalled to active duty to locate the whereabouts of a ship that mysteriously went missing. He will be embedded into an invasion force that will be heading where the ship was last heard from. Private Rick Devers (voiced by Malcolm Klassen) is a new recruit to the Union Army, and has been rushed to the front-lines in the same invasion force as Caine. His unit will put down on an enemy planet only to discover a far worse enemy at work than the Dakota. Ensign Sarah Keller (voiced by Ashley Holland) is a Union chief communications officer of her ship, while on a secret mission behind enemy lines, her ship is sucked out of the fabric of space itself, and the Union is sending a large invasion force to find out where her ship went. In this epic science-fiction saga, these three characters will cross paths in a struggle against forces and creatures that are a prelude to a great darkness.



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    Chapter 1 (HD)

    By the end of the 23rd century humans have ventured into the stars and two empires vie for power along the known sectors of the Milky Way – the Terran Imperial Union and the Dakota Republic. By 2296 minor skirmishes have been erupting between the two empires for years, however the Dakota now launch an incursion into Union territory. With the unpredictability of these previous random incursions and attacks, the Union fleets are spread very thin along the border in an attempt to cover all areas. Major John Caine of Sabre Squadron has been assigned to help protect a civilian refugee transport leaving the Van Gaal system, which has fallen under attack – it is also carrying his wife and son. Meanwhile on Earth, Rick Dever and Gerrard Keller are proceeding on their assignment…


    Chapter 2 (HD)

    The U.S.S. Asimov heads out on a secret scientific mission into enemy space, and retired air force Major John Caine finds his old wingman Captain Ellis Webster has been sent to bring him back into service.


    Chapter 3

    At Fort Charger, Maine; Devers, Gerrard and Private Anderson are preparing for their transfer to the front, when Gerrard is alerted to the news of his sister Sarah’s fate on the Asimov and begins to dig for clues of his own with help from Devers and Anderson, hacking into the Union mainframe. Meanwhile Caine is on his way to Washington to a meeting with his old superior Major-General Howell (voiced by Stephen Richards) and a figure of the highest importance; there he learns his new assignment.


    Chapter 4

    Devers, Gerrard and Anderson make their way to rendezvous with their unit aboard Terra Prime, on the way up they meet Private First Class Paskiwycz, who will be their orientation supervisor due to their reduced basic training. Once aboard Terra Prime, the four of them attend a briefing being led by Brigadier-General Rummel (voiced by Malcolm Klassen), regarding their mission, an invasion into Dakota Space, and are then introduced to the insidious Captain Wexler (voiced by Stephen Richards), the main in charge of the Black Operations Service Squad attached to the invasion force. Gerrard still worried about his sister’s fate begins to ask some hard questions…


    Chapter 5

    Gerrard, Devers and Anderson are introduced to other members of their platoon – predominantly 2nd Lieutenant Ender (voiced by Malcolm Klassen), Platoon Sergeant Stewart (voiced by Johnny Voruz) and Private Groenan (voiced by Mickey Dwyer). Caine and Webster head for the U.S.S. Patton (SCA-703) where Caine has a less than pleasant reunion with Captain Krauer (voiced by Steve Schnier) – the man who ordered the infamous retreat three years ago from the rescue mission of the Nile Road. The Patton and U.S.S. Hornblower (SDD-1073) leave Earth and the Sol Sector to rendezvous with the invasion fleet close to the frontlines…


    Chapter 6

    The Patton and Hornblower arrive in orbit of Fiersis and meet up with the Reinager Invasion Group – they meet Commodore Greene who is in command of the small fleet aboard the U.S.S. Canberra (SCG-2008). Caine shares some harsh words with Krauer and the Invasion Group sets off for the enemy planet of Toyr’diablo in the Reinager System – their target and the same place the Asimov was lost.
    Meanwhile Sarah awakens in to find herself and Esteban trapped by an unknown being. Sarah attempts to make contact…
    Back the aboard the Patton and Hornblower the order is given to gear up for the invasion ahead, Caine and Webster get to their fighters while Devers, Gerrard and their unit get to their dropships…


    Chapter 7

    Now in orbit of Toyr’diablo the Patton launches her fighter wings, while on-board the Hornblower preparations continue inside the dropships. Ender heads up front to check it out for himself as the dropships are lowered from the massive hangar bay of the destroyer. In turn the Canberra fires the landing guidance beacon down the the planet’s surface. The Canberra also picks up unknown contacts… the Dakota are coming. Caine’s fighter squadron is immediately engaged.


    Chapter 8

    The invasion begins, Devers and his platoon are launched down to the surface on-board a UC-78 Raven – however the ride will be far from a smooth one. Meanwhile the wormhole opens again spitting something out – Commodore Greene orders Lieutenant-Commander Sears (voiced by Kevin McCulley) on-board the U.S.S. Hammer (SDD-1114) to investigate.


    Chapter 9

    The survivors of Devers’ crashed Raven regroup and prepare to set off – however they may not be alone in the forest.
    The Hammer arrives and picks up the object that appeared from the wormhole, however there are some deadly consequences to bringing it aboard.


    Chapter 10

    Sabre squadron pick up a faint distress call from the Hammer, Caine and Webster head to investigate.
    Sarah wakes up inside the EEV onboard the Hammer, she comes across Sears and his small group of survivors.
    Caine and Webster come aboard the Hammer to find the situation is about to get very dire…


    Chapter 11

    Devers and the other survivors make their way to the LZ but are attacked by things unknown, and are picked off one at a time. Upon finding the LZ it is not what they expected and to make matters worse the Dakota happens to be nearby.


John Caine – Lewis Roscoe
Rick Devers- Malcolm Klassen
Sarah Keller- Ashley Holland
James Sears- Kevin McCulley
Arnold Wexler- Stephen Richards
Ellis Webster- Lewis Roscoe
Johannes Krauer- Steve Schnier
Miles Ender – Malcolm Klassen
Kenny Stewart – Johnny Voruz
Daniel Gaff – Tim Clough
Gerrard Keller – Lewis Roscoe
William Paskiwycz – Lewis Roscoe
Velina Guitterez – Rachael Rigda
Michelle Goren – Sarah Orr
Warren Esteban – Gary Karp
Martin Ross – Ryan Roye
Matthew Groenan – Mickey Dwyer


Created by Lewis Roscoe
Written, Directed and Animated by Lewis Roscoe
Music byS ven Faulconer and Marc Teichert


Animation, Sci-fi

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