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About Future’s Past:

A New Zealand/Philippines battleship from 300 years future is trapped in the year 2003 where the crew must relearn how to interact in society; meanwhile a Russian family is blackmailed and set up for a crime they did not commit, their only salvation are people who do not belong.



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    A Hiatus Sneak Peek

    A sneak peek at the mini-series we will soon be crowdfunding. DreamChaser is being filmed as a test of story and character to ensure all the story and character boxes are ticked before committing to a much larger production budget. It is proof that our unique writing style works and proof that our characters are realistic and believable.


Fatima Everitt as Alyssa Jade
Analiza Vimpani as Selena Ryan
Joanne Nguyen as Joanne Nguyen
Perrie Kapernaros as Inessa Svatkowski
Zoe Osner as Rita Maniapoto
Manvir Singh as Admiral Gomez
Anthony Ting as Admiral Jade
Sarah Hamilton as Joanna McIvor
Lorin Kauffeld as Ezri Morrison
Georgie Smibert as Cristy Styles
Georgina Hagerty as Tanya Peters
Michelle Nisbet as Cecelia
Michael Bate as Jason Stance
Albert Goikhman as Misha Kovachkov
Yulia Soultanov as Elena Kovachkova
Rishani May Laffy as Tatianna Kovachkova
Charlotte Fox as Georgina Sumors
Anne McCaffery-French as Helen Biship
Taren Clark as Sarah Douglas


Director/Producer/Creator – Buck Cerridwyn
Producer – Fatima Everitt
1st Assistant Director – Georgie Smibert, Dom Subbiah
Director of Photography – Christopher Raymond
Casting – Visions MCP