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About Hei and Lo:

Hei and Lo is an original web series following the ups and downs in the lives of two actors living in Sydney. From juggling jobs to booking ads, from drinking after shows to truly bizarre auditions, watch Heidi and Lola as they attempt to navigate the craziness of their chosen industry – along with all the extra stuff that comes with living in Sydney in your twenties.



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  • Episode 1


    Welcome to the world of Heidi and Lola – two Sydney actors in their twenties trying to navigate their way through the huge ups and downs that come with their chosen industry. There’s a lot of wine, a little bit of yoga and a lot of laughter.

  • Episode 2


    Heidi and Lola try to ice-cream away their hangovers while contemplating Lola’s dating history and asking the question: what would it be like to date the guy-equivalent of themselves? Meanwhile, things are starting to happen for Birdy.
    Please note: in this episode there is a very short scene that contains strong language. A censored version of the episode is available for those who may take offense.

  • Episode 3


    Heidi talks Lola through the weirdest audition of her life.
    Birdy has some big news.

  • Episode 4


    What happens when an actor is pushed to breaking point after one too many ridiculous auditions? The girls look back on some of Lola’s more memorable commercial auditions…and there’s a bit of yoga.

  • Episode 5


    Birdy has an announcement to make. Lola meets her theatre idol and gets a pleasant surprise. Heidi faces a big decision. And, there’s Suze.


Hayley Flowers as Heidi
Lucy Kate McNabb as Lola
Jackson Davis as Birdy
Bianca Magistro as Aussie soap star
Jessica Bell as LA casting director
Warren Spooner as LA casting director
Alex Hardy as Heidi’s LA friend
Todd Backhouse as Duncan
Aiko Leung as bar friend 1
Chris Moffat as bar friend 2
Soraya Russell as bar friend 3
Christie Corson as bar friend 4


Written, produced and directed by Hayley Flowers
Written, produced and directed by Lucy Kate McNabb
1st camera/director of photography Rosie Spooner
2nd director Aaron Willis Burton
Boom operator Warren Spooner
Edited by Rosie Spooner
Assistant editor Hayley Flowers
Assistant editor Lucy Kate McNabb