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About Jiwi’s Machines:

JIWI’S MACHINES is a four-part web series packed with physical comedy and mechanical mayhem. It’s the world’s first sitcom with a single-take Rube Goldberg machine in every episode!
Made with funding from NZ On Air
Filmed at MOTAT Museum of Transport and Technology, Auckland, New Zealand



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    Crumbs! – Jiwi’s Machines Ep. 1 – FULL EPISODE

    A machine feeds Jiwi toast and orange juice while he studies how to build a jetpack. And then an unexpected visitor arrives…


    It Has a Virus! – Jiwi’s Machines Ep. 2 – FULL EPISODE

    A package arrives for June just as she is leaving for a date. Will Jiwi be able to resist opening it?

  • EPISODE three

    Changing the Lightbulb – Jiwi’s Machines Ep. 3 – FULL EPISODE

    Jiwi’s work on his rocket launchpad is interrupted by a faulty lightbulb. Changing the bulb is a disaster! Can he fix the mess before June arrives home with her newest beau?


    Recipe for Disaster – Jiwi’s Machines Ep. 4 – FULL EPISODE

    Just as he is about to test his rocket launchpad for the first time, Jiwi is distracted by the most beautiful cake he has ever seen. Can he have June’s new boyfriend’s cake and eat it, too?


JIWI – Joseph Herscher
JUNE – Olivia Tennet
SAM – Dominic Ona Ariki
RUPERT – Milo Cawthorne
FRANK – James Roque
BIKE COURIER – Michelle Dickinson
BIRD – Alex


Created and Written by Joseph Herscher
Produced by Joseph Herscher and Gemma Gracewood
Directed by Jeff Szusterman
Edited by Gretchen Peterson
Soundtrack by Age Pryor



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