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Fill the void in your life by joining celebrity chef, Kate McLennan, and her food intolerant friend, Kate McCartney, as they cook their way into the Food Culture Revolution with a series of edible recipes!
Watch as The Kates create food intolerant-friendly meals and explore modern culinary trends like quitting sugar, food porn, food trucks and drinking shit out of jars! They road test everybody’s favourite culinary moneysuck, the Thermomix, and sample a range of libations like wine, whiskey and kombucha, the hot new drink that combines parasitical fungi with intestinal spasming!



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    The Katering Show – MEXICANA FESTIANA

    In this episode The Kates explore the cultural phenomenon/plague of food trucks and eating in gutters by creating a food intolerant-friendly Mexican quesadilla, then eating it in a gutter!


    The Katering Show – ETHICAL EATING

    As an ex-vegetarian, McCartney wants to be thoughtful about the meat that she eats. And as a wanker, Mclennan wants to use her new pressure cooker. In this episode The Kates prepare a ragu that is food intolerant-friendly AND made from a non-cute animal.


    The Katering Show – WE QUIT SUGAR

    In an attempt to live forever, and become just like their Instagram idol, Sarah Wilson, McCartney and McLennan give up the sweet stuff; sugar. Please Note: This episode is booze, sugar, gluten, fructose, lactose and personality-free


    The Katering Show – THERMOMIX

    McCartney and McLennan pit the latest kitchen appliance moneysuck, the Thermomix, against traditional cooking methods, in a food intolerant-friendly “Risotto-Off”. But what method will create the most delicious risotto? And is “delicious risotto” a contradiction in terms?


    The Katering Show – FOOD PORN

    In an episode devoted to style over substance, control-freak McLennan hands over her chef’s hat to the very vain McCartney, who sets about creating a pretty, sparkly cupcake. But what will have the worse outcome- McCartney as chef, or McLennan as not- chef?


    The Katering Show – CHRISTMAS

    The Kates reach the end of their food journey and celebrate with a Christmas feast that is impregnated with their family memories. Warning: Features turkey fisting and role-play acting.


Starring Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan.


Produced by Tamasin Simpkin



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