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A web series about Kiwi teen culture.
Engage is all about Kiwi teen life… The good times, the hard times, and the bits inbetween.
Offering advice, and sharing stories, so you’re prepared for the things that might come your way.

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    Tips to impress your school ball / prom date – Engage #1

    What are some tips to impress your school ball / prom date? The Engage team have some useful ideas for you.


    Stay in school for Year 13, or get a job – Engage #2

    Should you stay in school and do Year 13, or should you just leave and get a job? We’ve got advice that can help you decide.


    Have an awesome weekend with no money – Engage #3

    How can you have an awesome weekend on zero-dollar budget? We’ve have epic weekends all the time, and here’s our advice.


    Having an ‘ideal’ body shape – Engage #4

    Does society put too much pressure on having an ‘ideal’ body shape? The Engage team have plenty of opinions on this topic.


    The ‘open door policy’ when your girlfriend/boyfriend is visiting – Engage #5

    Some parents won’t let you have privacy when your girlfriend or boyfriend is at your house. The ‘open door policy’ is really annoying, and the Engage team have their own stories to share.


    The hype around having your first kiss – Engage #6

    Is it fair to have so much hype around having your first kiss? And what if it’s not a good kiss… Should you be worried?


    Are American teenagers similar to New Zealand teens? – Engage #7

    We wanted to know if Kiwi teen culture is similar or different to American teen culture. If you’re watching this in either country, let us know if you agree with our Engage team!


    Keeping yourself safe when partying – Engage #8

    Today we want to tell you our top three tips for keeping yourself safe when you’re having a night on the town. You might be out and about with your mates, or at somebody’s party… Take our advice, and keep yourself safe.


    Making homework suck less – Engage #9

    Homework really sucks. There’s really not much more to say. But if you want it to suck just a little bit less, listen to the advice from the Engage team.

  • EPISODE 10

    Moving from the friend-zone into a relationship – Engage #10

    How do you upgrade from being in the ‘friend zone’? Is there a good way to start a relationship, when you’re already good friends? And… what happens if the relationship doesn’t work out, can you go back to being friends?

  • EPISODE 11

    How to host a teenage party – Engage #11

    We present our best tips for hosting a party, including the essential items for a party (and what to avoid).

  • EPISODE 12

    Get health advice without your parents knowing – Engage #12

    Sometimes you’ll need to get health advice, but you need to keep it discrete. How can you achieve this without your parents finding out?

  • EPISODE 13

    Convince your parents to let you have a night out – Engage #13

    If you want a night out with your friends, how do you convince your parents to let you out of the house?

  • EPISODE 14

    Should synthentic drugs be illegal, or are they safe? – Engage #14

    Should synthetic drugs be illegal, or are they a safer substitute for the real thing? Should teenagers be using drugs at all?

  • EPISODE 15

    When your parent is snooping on you online – Engage #15

    What can you do if your parent is snooping on your online life? Do you delete their friendship, or block them? Or just behave better?

  • EPISODE 16

    Dealing with pressure and stress – Engage #16

    Life as a teenager can be full of pressure and stress, whether it’s from school, or relationships, or just life. The Engage team have some advice for dealing with all that pressure.

  • EPISODE 17

    Should you step-in when discrimination happens? – Engage #17

    In today’s episode, we investigate whether you should step in if you see someone being discriminated against, or whether it’s safer to keep out of it.

  • EPISODE 18

    Travelling tips for teenagers – Engage #18

    Want to travel the world? Or just have a road-trip with your mates? The Engage team have some handy tips to make it a great experience.

  • EPISODE 19

    When you fight with a friend or partner – Engage #19

    If your emotions have got a little bit heated, and you ended up in a fight with your friend or partner, how can you make things right again?

  • EPISODE 20

    The Most Important Life Lessons – Engage #20

    The Engage.tv team want to teach you the most important life lessons they’ve learnt (so far).



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