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An action packed look at New Zealand Mountain Biking – From Downhill in the Queenstown Bike Park, Scree Freeriding in the Southern Alps, Single Track of Canterbury, Downtown Dirt/Street/Park anarchy, to the competitive NZ race scene. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!



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    Wookie in the Wild, MTB in NZ

    In the first episode of The Kiwis, The Perfect Line head out with local Downhill racer Sam Perry – the ‘Wookie’ – to sample the steep, tight and technical downhill, fast flowing single track and freeride trail-galore that is Christchurch, New Zealand.


    Kiwis CAN Fly – MTB Backflips, Tailwhips & Hucks

    Delve deep into Christchurch for an amazing mountain bike riding scene – good things come outta small places… For episode two of ‘The Kiwis’ we head further into the Christchurch riding scene and checkout the recent Gravity Canterbury Downhill race at Victoria Park.


    Downtown Dunedin MTB Qualifier – Streets, Stairs, Sidewalks, OH MY

    No better way to separate the weak from the herd than having mountain bikers ride in unfamiliar territory – this qualifier will take them to the streets, down long twisting staircases and into traffic. The Kiwis now joins the 3 Peaks Enduro for four timed stages of two wheel mountain biking action – starting with a Urban assault on the streets and stairs of Dunedin before moving into the surrounding (usually off limits to MTB) rainforest trails!


    MTB Carnage at the New Zealand Downhill Nationals

    New Zealand sits smack dab on top of some serious fault lines. On the downside this means that they get very bad earthquakes. On the up side, this means that they have wonderful mountains. These mountains host one of the craziest downhill races of the season – the New Zealand Downhill Nationals. Round one kicked off in Christchurch and it was steep, tight, and dusty. Watch George Brannigan, Sam Blenkinsop, Cam Cole, Nick Beer, and their fellow DH racers try to hang on through the dust clouds of carnage.


    New Zealand Hosts One Bad-Ass Mountain Bike Race

    Welcome to Nelson for round two of the New Zealand Down Hill Nationals series. The pressure is on to be the fastest down the mountain and the competition is stiffer than the frames they’re riding. Who will clock the fastest time? You’ll have to wait till the end to find out. In the meantime watch Kieran Bennet, Sam Blenkinsop, Cam Cole, Nick Beer, and their fellow riders race for victory.


    When You Film MTB in New Zealand with a Drone the Results Are Jaw-Dropping

    Follow the Kiwis on an incredible aerial tour around Queenstown, all filmed from a multi-copter in a single day. They start at Coronet Peak with the sun-rising as Agata Bulska and her labrador, Frank traverse the mountain side. Next up, George Newham takes you down Moke Lakes scree ridges. Then Jarrah Healy and Keplar Rek hit New Zealand’s biggest MTB jumps on the ‘Dream Track’. Finally, no journey would be complete without some laps of the famous Skyline Gondola down through Queenstown bike park with Rowan Saunders and Kep


    This Amazing Dirt Course Took Ten Years to Build. Was It Worth the Effort?

    10 years in the making, this perfectly sculpted dirt track/art work sends James Hoggan, Connor MacFarlane, Phil McLean, Emmerson Wilken, Sam Reynolds, and more flying at Bowenvale near Christchurch, New Zealand. Watch them do their thing from multiple angles and some really sick POV. The course started small but, over the years, has grown into a spectacular set of jumps that regularly pulls in the best riders from around the world. Feast your eyes, just be glad you don’t have to dig it.


    Check Out One of the Coolest MTB Dirt Jumping Parks in the World

    The Perfect Line crew in New Zealand spend their nights dreaming of shredding huge, dusty loam jumps. The only thing for it is to hop on a plane and head to NZ’s adventure sports capital, Queenstown, on the South Island. Great weather, awesome jumps, immaculately groomed tracks…this place is one of the best destinations for any outdoor lover and it should be on every mountain biker’s bucket list.


Director – Todd Couper

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