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About Lifeswap:

The animated web series that takes a light hearted look at the delights, frustrations and misunderstandings that Germans and New Zealanders encounter when they try to live in each others countries.
Sensing the onslaught of a quarter-life crisis, Jörg, 27, from Germany and Duncan, 27, from New Zealand have swapped flatmates, countries and lives for a year. Via monthly Skype conversations, we witness their delights, frustrations and misunderstandings as they discover the idiosyncrasies of life in the others culture through the lens of their own.



, 2014

, 2015

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    Complete Rubbish

    Duncan falls foul of detailed German rubbish recycling requirements.


    The Tea Towel Stinks

    Jörg learns how to ‘beat around the bush’ kiwi-style to as not to offend his flatmates, whilst Duncan appreciates the benefits of German directness.


    The Winter Deniers

    Mouldy spots on zip-off function trousers. Jörg learns how to survive the weather conditions in the Great Indoors of New Zealand and Duncan basks in the glow of central heating.


    Urine Stinks (AKA Change your Instincts)

    Things get really tough for Duncan in episode four. Learning some shocking truths about German bathroom and sauna etiquette almost proves too much for this young lifeswapper from New Zealand, a land where, for example, no man (except for maybe a speed-blurred thrill seeker at a January cricket match) would ever be seen publically in any less than a pair of stubbies (short shorts).
    Warning: graphic content – some Kiwi viewers may need to be supervised by older Germans.


    Lifeswap 5 – Yule Love It (Christmas Special)

    Episode five is the official Lifeswap Christmas Special, in which Duncan gets emotional at the Weihnachtsmarkt and discovers the ultimate German Christmas present while poor old Jörg searches in vain for some festive spirit down under.


    Lifeswap 6 – Just Sharon

    Ah New Zealand. The land where “mister” and “missus” are all but obsolete terms. Episode 6 investigates Kiwi squeamishness with formality and Jörg gives some advice on German supermarket check-out protocol…


William Connor as the voice of Duncan
Steffen Kreft as the voice of Jörg


Illustrator and Animator – Steffen Kreft
Writer – William Connor
Director and Producer – Steffen Kreft
Animation Assistant – Danya Gomez-Douglass
Music and Sound – Phill Jones
In cooperation with the Goethe-Institute



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