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Four university students are flatting together in Wellington. They decide to impose a new set of ridiculously strict Flat Rules on themselves, with penalties if these rules are broken. Included in these rules are; compulsory challenges as a form of flat-bonding, Vegan Friday, 10PM curfew, and the harshest rule of all: no romantic relationships. However, this is a rom-com.



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    hey benaddickts!
    i’ve returned from the land of not uploading videos! i live in a flat now with some cool people and i have decided it is time i returned to my lovely loyal viewers. if you don’t know me welcome welcome welcome!
    expect more soon. i have plans. i have so many plans.


Balthazar Jones – Reuben Hudson
Beatrice Duke – Harriett Maire
Benedick Hobbes – Jake McGregor
Pedro Donaldson – Caleb Wells
Hero Duke – Pearl Kennedy
Meg Winter – Jessica Stansfield
John Donaldson – George Maunsell
Phodiso Dintwe
Mouce Young
Bonnie Simmonds
Ella McLeod
Daniel McBride
Kalisha Wasasala
Bronwyn Ensor
Robbie Nicol


Creators – The Candle Wasters
Writers – Claris Jacobs, Elsie Bollinger, Minnie Grace, and Sally Bollinger
Directors – Elsie and Sally Bollinger
Producer – Minnie Grace
Cinematographers – Claris Jacobs and Harriett Maire
Trailer Editor – Sally Bollinger
Editors for the Series – Claris Jacobs, Elsie Bollinger, Minnie Grace, and Sally Bollinger

Sound Director – Sarah Jessica Golding
Costume Design – Claris Jacobs
Production Runner – Calum Gittins
The Candle Wicks – Hannah Geddis and Hannah Mitford-Taylor