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About NZ Fight Report:

Presented by Sarah Jane McCann and Jason Gascoigne, NZ Fight Report is a web series produced by fighters and fight fans from all over New Zealand.
The aim is to document a growing combat scene and promote the dedicated people and organisations involved.

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    New Zealand Fight Report February 2012

    Featuring news and results from Retribution, Merciless, Oceania 2012 and The Abu Dhabi BJJ Champs. We also caught up with Phillip Lam, Brandon Ropati, Freya Thomson and Anglea Bennett to discuss their upcoming fights.


    New Zealand Fight Report March 2012

    Featuring news and results from ICNZ 16, Deadly Debut 16, Alpha Thaiboxing, River City Rumble, Supremacy 9, NZ Grapplers Challenge, Muay Thai Mayhem 7 and The Fighter.


    King In The Ring 8 Man Eliminator Series

    Jason previews the card for this weekends King In The Ring 8 Man Eliminator Series, 19th May, ASB Stadium.


    Autumn 2012 Wrap up

    NZFR wraps up a busy Autumn, with results from Muay Thai Mayhem, ICNZ 17,Total Impact 8, Boonchu Cup, ETK King In The Ring 62kgs, Deadly Debut 17 & Alpha Thaiboxing’s Honour.


    Winter & Spring 2012

    NZFR wraps up a busy Spring, with results from Muay Thai Mayhem 8, Shuriken: Clash Of The Continents, Eruption II, River City Rumble, South Africa’s Tri Nations Light Heavyweight MMA Tournament, Deadly Debut 18 & Alpha Thai Boxing’s Honour.


    Summer Wrap 2013

    NZFR wraps up the first quarter of 2013, with highlights from Shurikens North v South, ICNZ 19, Grapplers Challenge, Capital Punishment 20, Scorpion Gym Fight Night, Rivercity Rumble and Gisbournes Vae Victus.


Presented by Sarah Jane McCann and Jason Gascoigne


Produced by Bailey Palmer, Sarah Jane McCann, Rhydian Thomas and Jason Gascoigne
in association with Typhoid Films
Directed by Brent Whitwell and Matthew Barnes
Written by Rhydian Thomas
Edited by Brent Whitwell and Bailey Palmer
Graphics by David Duxfield
Footage courtesy of Ten8 Media, Jacob Toms, Stephen Haig, Jerry Sargent, Matthew Barnes and Carlos Rojas
Supremacy 9 promo courtesy of Ten8 Media
Sound and Production Assistance by Kylie Klein Nixon



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