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About A NZ Freeride Story:

Follow snowboarder Colin Boyd as he takes us through this New Zealand winter in preparation for the biggest event he will ever be part of, The Freeride World Tour. It looms in Colin’s mind as he prepares himself mentally, physically, emotionally and financially for what lays ahead.
New Zealand is the ultimate training playground for freeride athletes and Colin has benifitted from the support of the talented local freeride community over the past five years. In this six part web series we will follow Colin in the New Zealand big mountain competitions and discover the many hidden gems of Kiwi life along the way.
Epic.TV presents, A NZ Freeride Story in a six part web series.



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    Training in Treble Cone Backcountry & Cardrona w/ Colin Boyd

    Meet Colin Boyd, snowboarder extraordinaire, and check out his home base in Wanaka, New Zealand. He has been living in NZ on and off since 2006 and calls it a ‘playground for big kids’. Colin will take us on a tour of his backyard snowboard spots including Treble Cone and Cardrona and he’ll share with us what a NZ Freeride Story is all about, which is of course training for the Freeride World Tour.


    Big Mountain Freestyle at World Heli Challenge 2013

    The World Heli Challenge Competition for ski and snowboarders brings athletes from around the world together to compete in an event of epic proportions and it is a PRIME opportunity for Colin to test his skills mentally and physically for the FWT.


    Stef Zeestraten & Colin Boyd – Splitboard Search for Powder

    The New Zealand ski season is short but sweet, and when conditions are good, you have to be THERE.


    Think YOU Work Hard on the Slopes? Get Ready to be Wrong

    When all you have is a rope tow, or ‘Nutcracker’ (by name and reputation) to get you up the mountain, then you’ve got to hike on top of that and ride down couloirs that are no wider than your board… you get yer sweat on!


Colin Boyd & other Ski/Snowboard legends…


Directed by: Lachlan Humphreys & Colin Boyd

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