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Sure, you might think of Retail as the front line of customer service, having to deal with the odd grumpy or crazy person, forcing smiles or being surrounded by bossy managers – but here Retail is so much more!
Here it’s the adventures of a group of strange, funny, extreme characters who not only work the front line in the war of Commercialism but also lead their own extraordinary lives centred on their workplace where crazy head office schemes, local competition and and even pizza pick ups can lead to killer robots, battles to the death and the wrong sort of free ice cream.



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      Retail: Episode 1

      Meet Kevin – an unemployed 20 something who is tired of filler jobs and sponging off his family – he wants something he can be passionate about, something that doesn’t treat him like a hired piece of meat…


      Retail: Episode 2

      You come to us now at the turning of the tide – where the wheels of change start to fall in place that will change the path for everyone at the Mecha DVD – and it could all come down to… The Chosen One…

    • EPISODE three

      Retail: the Web Series – The Prologue

      The first footage shot – and probably the final chapter shown – this is how Retail began……

    • TEASER

      Check out 50 seconds of pure awesome from our upcoming show. Retail is about a group of co-workers in a video shop juggling every day crazy customers and out of the loop head office in an effort to survive long enough to pay the bills. If you’ve worked the front line of customer service, then this is for you!

    • TEASER

      Coming very soon is a web series about life working in retail, and the people who serve behind the Counter. Join Kevin as he learns about life behind the Counter in this pop fuelled roller coaster comedy.




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