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About The Aroha Project:

Created by Mika Haka and directed by Ramon Te Wake, the six part webseries is part of a multifaceted initiative responding to bullying, alienation and suicide risk amongst young Māori and Pacific LGBT youth.



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    The Aroha Project – Dress to Express (Zakk d’Larté)

    Left beaten and bleeding, 21 year old Zakk D’larte was another Hate Crime, except this one made national news and started an uproar of public support, however it was the aftermath of Hate, that nearly took away his will to live. Feeling isolated and alone Zakk contemplated suicide. But Zakk didn’t want to become a statistic and he found the courage to turn his life around. This is a powerful story of one kids will to survive and the pursuit of his lifelong dream of becoming a role model for other young kids who are struggling to fit in.


    The Aroha Project – Killer Beatbox (King Homeboy)

    A powerful story of one young man’s triumph over adversity to become a global success. King Home Boy born with a condition called Gigantism and deafness, bullied for years because of his difference yet nothing was going to hold this gentle giant back. King Home Boy became an international sensation. He’s the 6 time NZ beat boxing champion … and he’s set the world record for the longest beat boxing marathon with 36 hours. King Home Boy is an ambassador for anti-bullying.


    The Aroha Project – We’re All Humans (The Sandhu Brothers)


    The Aroha Project – No Pride In Prisons (Emmy Rākete)

    In February 2015, the group ‘No Pride In Prisons’ came together to protest against the inclusion of the Department of Corrections in the Auckland Pride Parade. The protest was about the treatment and sexual violence that some trans women experience when placed in male prisons. For Emmy Rākete, this protest was a critical action that led to a controversial outcome…


    The Aroha Project – Unapologetic (Andrew Abrau)


Created by Mika Haka
Directed by Ramon Te Wake



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