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Movies. We all know that they can be entertaining, but how do we know if what these ‘films’ are telling us, are actually true? Do you believe a man can fly? If you screamed in space would anyone hear you? What’s needed to uncover the truth behind this fiction is cold, hard SCIENCE…. Which you won’t find in this comedy series. Oh well. You’ll live.
Contains violence – Parental Guidance recommended for young viewers.



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    The Film Lab Ep 01 – How To Spot A Terminator

    Robot killing machine from the future, sent back in time to kill? Or just a bit of a dick..? The Film Lab team investigate how to spot a Terminator in the wild, and how to avoid being another name on it’s kill-list.


    The Film Lab Ep 02 – Does A Montage Make You Better?

    Always wanted to be good at something? Ever wished you could go from a nothing to a something in just a few minutes? The Film Lab look at whether this is possible using the magic of the “montage”.


    The Film Lab Ep 03 – Can A Man Fly?

    Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to jump buildings in a single bound… Long has man dreamed of having “super” abilities. The Film Lab put “super” to the test & see if an ordinary man could wield these powers, using their special brand of unethical experimentation.


Robin Queree as Dave
Heather Maltman as Susan
Duncan Fellows as Duncan
Leo Domigan as Kevin
Liam Nesbitt as The Narrator


Director – Nicholas Hansen
Writers – Nicholas Hansen, Stuart Subotic & Phillip MacDonald
Producers – Nicholas Hansen & Stuart Subotic
DOP – Mark Collins
Art Direction – Liam Nesbitt, Nicholas Hansen & Stuart Subotic
Editor – Nicholas Hansen
Animation – Nicholas Hansen & Phillip MacDonald
Music Director – Stuart Subotic
Sound Design – Matt Brown
VFX – Will Reicheldt, Graeme McGirr, Nicholas Hansen, Kate Hansen
Compositor – Kate Hansen
Colourist – Kate Hansen



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