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About The Happiness Curve :

The U-shape theory of well-being states that a person’s life satisfaction is at its peak during their 20s, and then again once they reach their 60s.
This is known as “the happiness curve”.
Four unlikely friends must transition into the “real world” as they struggle to survive the so-called happiest days of their lives.
Follow Sam, Max, Hannah and Brian – four underachieving twenty-somethings – as they attempt to navigate the absurdities that come with becoming an adult.



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    The Happiness Curve Episode 1 – “It’s 4:42 Somewhere”

    The four housemates prove that, sometimes, great minds do think alike. Even if what they are thinking about is going down to the pub for a drink.


    The Happiness Curve Episode 2 – “Golf With The Sultan”

    You don’t need to be the heir of a multibillion dollar company, or the Sultan of a proud nation to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Most times all you need are good friends, and one or two or twenty bottles of beer.


    The Happiness Curve Episode 3 – “The (Immediate) Future”

    There are two types of people in this world: Those who make plans and worry about the uncertainty of tomorrow.


    The Happiness Curve Episode 4 – “Beer Was Big In The 90s”

    Everyone must unleash their artistic side once in a while. Although, for everybody’s safety, it’s better if some people unleash less than others.


    The Happiness Curve Episode 5 – “Locomotive Wonderland”

    What can go wrong when you are on your way to a Train Expo, and you have decided to drive a car that would look more at home in a ‘Back to the Future’ film?


    The Happiness Curve Episode 6 – “Party With The Curve”

    You are cordially invited to the social event of the year. This party will only get stranger and crazier as the night progresses.


Mindy Fyfe as Sam
Laura Vine as Hannah
Tass Labra as Max
Ajay Banks as Brian
Dom Weintraub as Charles McMahon
Mitch Ralston as Wendall
Seon Williams as Mykaela
Eileen Chase as Gina
Simon Gilberg as Travis
Evan Raif as Elijah


Creators, Writers & Producers: Mar Borboa, Ash Mortimer
Directors: Simon Gilberg, Mar Borboa, Robert Fantozzi
Cinematographer: Moses Muldoon
Sound: Brendan Peterson
1st AD: Ellen Tsaganas
Production Assistant: Katrina Minchenko
Stills: Neha Badiger
Editors: Billy Gabriel, Simon Gilberg, Mar Borboa
Colour Correction: Alex Zemstov
Song: “Shelbyville Gazelle” by Slim Jeffries



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