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About The Time Ripple Chronicles of Jack and Chops:

When 1987’s greatest detectives Jack and Chops are thrown forward through time to 2014, the time rips they’ve accidentally created unleash supernatural forces on New Zealand.

With the help of Dr Tess Tessington and Police Chief Junior they battle to get home while battling to protect the citizens of New Zealand from aliens, ghosts, a giant and a robot.

The Time Ripple Chronicles of Jack and Chops is a five part action comedy sci-fi webseries by Andy Campion and Hayden J. Weal available online in July 2014.



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      Episode 1: Till Death Do Us Part

      When crime-fighting dynamo-detective-duo Jack and Chops abandon Chop’s wedding to chase down their arch nemesis Dr. Q, they get more than they bargained for when Dr Q reveals his latest weapon… a time traveler.
      After a scuffle, Jack and Chops pursue Dr Q through the time portal and are accidentally thrown forward through time to 2014 and what’s worse, they’ve unknowingly created ripples in the time vortex, unleashing who knows what from who knows where or who knows when.
      Now they must set about protecting the world while trying to find a way home with the aid of Chief Junior and Dr Tess Tessington.


      Episode 2: Aliens

      There are aliens in the city, all over the place, abducting people, and Jack and Chops are confronted with their biggest obstacle yet: a bigger man.
      Handsome and dreamy, Special Agent Axiom Bythebook is called in by the higher-ups and his presence creates a rift between our heroes.
      Can they get closer to getting home? Can they protect the city from the aliens? Can they protect their own relationship from jealousy?


      Episode 3: Attack of the Head-Poppers

      Jack and Chops are still stuck in the crazy year of 2014 and the time ripples are still causing supernatural mischief. With emotions running higher than ever, Jack and Chops must pool all their courage to confront the scariest foe so far: ghosts!


      Episode 4: A Giant Problem

      When Jack and Chops encounter their biggest problem to date, the intensity intensifies as Chops enters a romantic tryst that sends Jack’s temper out the window.


      Episode 5: The Return of Dr. Q

      The emotionally harrowing finale in the Time Ripple Chronicles. It all ends here.
      Dr. Q returns – he’s rebuilt himself as a four-armed robot – and he is on a rage fueled rampage. Only two people have the power to stop him and that’s Jack and Chops. But they need the help of Dr. Tess Tessington and the most sacred weapon of all time: the Enerforce Ingurgitator.

    • TEASER

      Teaser for The Time Ripple Chronicles of Jack and Chops

      When 1987’s greatest detectives Jack and Chops are accidentally thrown forward through time to 2014, they rip holes in the time vortex, letting unimaginable horror into our world.
      Can they keep the world safe long enough to find a way back to their loved ones?


Hayden J. Weal as Detective Jack Cannon
David Brownjohn as Detective Chops
Victoria Abbott as Dr Tess Tessington
Andy Campion as Police Chief Junior
Gabe Page as Dr Q
Kelly Kilgour as Special Agent Axiom Bythebook
Nick Black as Jack Cannon Snr
Mike Minogue as General Flavius
Ruby Lee Hutton as Molly Cannon (2014)
Nova Hewison as Molly Cannon (1987)
Michelle Scullion as Barbara Montgomery (2014)
Cat Auburn as Barbara Montgomery (1987)
Luke Hawker as Friendly Fisherman
Caleb Carr as Romantic Picnicker
Claire Eva Tanemahuta as Romantic Picnicker Girlfriend
Leroy Cross as Mosquito Brad Harding as The Giant


Director – Andy Campion
Writers – Andy Campion and Hayden J. Weal
Producers – Hayden J. Weal and Andy Campion
Visual Effects – Caleb Carr
Original Score – Hayden J. Weal
Theme Song – Tom McLeod
Additional Visual Effects – Robin Cape



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