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About Tina:

Tina is a web comedy series shot in Auckland, New Zealand, about a Herpetologist, Tuatara expert, with serious delusions involving his “Love Doll” girlfriend. The other characters – a reptile handler from Queensland, a failed social worker from New York and a mutinous mother from Pitcairn, hinder more than help his recovery. The 8-episode series will be shot mocumentary style (think Angry Boys meets Lars and the Real Girl).
Ted has recently separated with his wife – Sophie. They met on a work-related trip to the Pitcairn Islands and, almost immediately, she fell pregnant with their young son – James, who is now nine. Ted’s been acting a little strange since the break-up, but has a new love interest – Tina (who’s actually a love-doll). The new relationship has taken a bit of getting used to for Ted’s close family, and the people he interacts with on a daily basis.

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    A slap in the face

    Pete and Ted have been out of touch for some months. Pete felt now was as good a time as any to come to NZ, reacquaint himself with his best mate and get away from things. The only thing is, he now finds Ted shacked up with a love-doll!


Edward (Ted) Howardson: Andrew Thompson
Peter (Pete) Date: Blair Kennedy
Sophie Howardsen Born ‘Christian’: Jennifer Cruse
Tamson Davidson: Rick Didham
Reptile Keeper: Ben Goodwin
Tipua The Tuatara as Herself
Burma The Elephant as Herself
Father: Nik Smythe
Son: Loki Smythe
Son’s Friend: Michael Reynolds
Tina Nastee: Christina Marie


Director Of Photography: Stephen Allanson
1st Assistant Camera: Dave Steel
Art Director & Stills Photographer: Billie Charlton
Sound Recordist: Deb Frame
Make-Up Artist / Hair Stylist: Linda Charlton
Wardrobe Supervisor: Jennie Cruse
Unit: Rick Didham
Original Score & Music: Katie Scott
Editor: Jeremy Masters
Titles & Key Graphics: Billie Charlton



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