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About If These Walls Could Talk:

A new web-series that takes a closer look at the practice of some of New Zealand’s best street art and graffiti artists will launch online, free-to-all. IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK looks to provide a bridge between the artists, the communities and the spaces used – elevating discussion regarding the art-form around NZ.
Created and presented by Ross Liew (from the much vaunted Cut Collective) and with the help from NZ On Air Ignite funding scheme, If These Walls Could Talk focuses on five street artists looking at what compels them to paint outside, what drives them artistically, and how they navigate identity, community, ownership and the creative process.



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    Trailer for the mini-documentary series If These Walls Could Talk. Featuring Askew One, Benjamin Work, BMD, Elliot Francis Stewart and Mica Still.

  • Brandan Kitto

    Interview with photographer Brandan Kitto aka Route52.

    Long time member of the NZ graffiti community and member of the legendary TMD crew, Brendan shares his take on the role of documentation, the particulars of his photographic practice and aspects of storytelling through imagery.

  • BMD

    Interview with BMD.

    In this episode we bear witness to some of the interplay and understanding that gives BMD such a strong foundation. Shared ambition, grit and humour are the hallmarks of this fun conversation.

  • Elliot Francis Stewart

    Interview with Elliot Francis Stewart.

    Elliot is an acclaimed talent, probably not in a way he deserves as considering the quality of his work he is also relatively unknown, but he is recognised by his peers as being pretty much peerless. With an innate understanding of how the world that surrounds him is formed, he is able to bring his views, thoughts and ideas to bear on something as simple as a pen or can of spray paint, and make art that is truly awe inspiring.

  • Askew one

    Interview with Askew one.

    Elliot “Askew” O’Donnell discusses operating across the worlds of Graffiti and Art, his interest in the discussion around contemporary pacific identity, and the challenges of prioritising his art practice ahead of commercial opportunities.

  • Mica Still

    Interview with Mica Still.

    Mica Still is an artist who would probably prefer to let her work do the talking. But we sat her down and asked all manner of questions anyway. She reveals some the motivation behind her work and how she approaches the challenges her practice presents.

  • Benjamin Work

    Interview with Benjamin Work.

    Benjamin Work shares his pathway that has led to a well regarded exhibition practice and notable contributions to the progression of Tongan art and culture. He shares his love for what the freedom to paint outside means to him and his extended family and friends.




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