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About Walter:

Hi! I’m Walter, single and ready to mingle. I’m posting vlogs about my quest to find that one special lady, and videos of the dates I go on.
Walter has moved out of home and embarks on his quest to find his one true love. This awkward comedy series uses a mixture of ‘vlog’ style episodes and ‘film’ style date episodes to tell Walter’s hilarious story!

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      1. You won’t believe my news!

      Hi everyone, WALTER IS BACK! That’s me. I have some crazy news in store for you… you won’t believe this, so please have a watch and let me know what you think.


      2. The Picnic

      Hi guys! Here is my first date of the season, with my GIRLFRIEND Gertie! Pretty stoked I have a girlfriend.


      3. Kiss and Tell

      Here’s my take on what happened on THE PICNIC date. A little analysis, what happened, all about the kissing action. Thanks for watching guys – you are the reason I make these vids.


      4. Mum thinks I’m Fat


      5. The Gym

      I think it’s safe to say this is not how I imagined my training session with Trainer J going.


      6. I like girls

      I have a special guest on my vlog today – my GIRLFRIEND.


      7. She’s ticking more boxes

      So me and Gertie have been getting closer and closer, She’s more to me now than just a girl…


      8. Pizza

      Pizza and a movie is a classic date…But it didn’t quite turn out how I expected.


      9. The Break-up

      These are my thoughts after my Pizza date with Gertie last night.


      DATE ONE – The Indian Girl

      This is my very first date, with a nice Indian girl. Feel free to comment with tips and your thoughts on how it went 🙂

    • VLOG

      Thoughts on my Indian date

      This is me, Walter, just doing a bit of a debrief on how my first date went.

    • VLOG

      I’ve started online dating!!!

      I’ve joined the world of online dating and just wanted to tell you all about the special someone I’ve met.


      DATE TWO – Jesse

      I was really excited to meet Jessy, who I met online. What happened on the date was a bit unexpected.

    • VLOG

      I don’t wanna talk about it.

      Last night’s date didn’t go so well…tonight I don’t feel like going into too much detail.

    • VLOG

      I’ve got a photo this time

      Hi guys, here’s my next vlog. Things are looking up and I wanted to share some good news with you all!


      DATE THREE – The Accident

      The title says it all really…here’s the video of my third date. The date actually went really, really well for once!

    • VLOG

      Milk & Cookies

      Once you hit rock bottom all you can do is go up. Right? surely I must have hit the bottom by now.

    • VLOG

      A new week, a new chance to find love

      Hi everyone, I’m back, and am feeling quite refreshed and excited. Got some great news to share with you all so have a watch!


      DATE FOUR – China

      I don’t really know what just happened.

    • VLOG

      Chinese food for two

      So I don’t have anything against China but I have an inkling that China might have something against me.

    • VLOG

      Dating multiple ladies

      This is genius really – multiple ladies in one room, and I don’t even have to try! They just come to me! Can’t wait for tomorrow night!!!


      DATE FIVE – The Speed Date

      This is my first speed dating experience ever. I don’t really know what to say…not at all what I expected..

    • VLOG

      I couldn’t leave

      I’m feeling a bit down after my speed dating experience last night.

    • VLOG

      I’m going to a party!!!

      I have some very exciting news for you all – it’s party time!


      DATE SIX – The Party

      So I went to a Single Mixers party to find my one true love…this is what happened!

    • VLOG

      You’ll see me again

      The Single Mixers Party wasn’t quite what I expected last night!

    • VLOG

      A wee update

      I’ve been off the dating horse for a little while now – So I thought I’d just pop on and say hi!

    • VLOG

      Date your own race!

      Tip number one from a little segment I like to call ‘Walter’s Wise Words’!

    • VLOG

      Eat good food

      My second tip for ‘Walter’s Wise Words’! I hope you enjoy it!

    • VLOG


      My 3rd tip for ‘Walter’s Wise Words’ – I think this one is particularly important!


Walter / Callum Butcher


Director / Rachel Choy
Camera / Jeremy Garland




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