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Wastelander Panda is a post-apocalyptic adventure series about Arcayus – the last mutant panda of the Wasteland, and Rose – a human girl raised by Arcayus’ brother, Isaac. Together, they set out on a journey of redemption, seeking to avenge Isaac’s death.



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    Isaac & Rose

    After witnessing the murder of her family, seven-year-old Rose ventures out into the
    Wasteland alone. Woken one night to the sound of nearby movement, she discovers Isaac,
    a rogue panda who abandoned his home – and last surviving brother – to explore new


    Arcayus & Rose

    After Isaac’s murder, Rose tracks down his reclusive estranged brother, Arcayus, and begs
    him to help her seek revenge. Having lived in solitude in a corner of the Wasteland for over
    15 years, Arcayus has no desire to return to his former life of violence, but reluctantly agrees
    to accompany her as far as the town of Raven.


    Arcayus & Akira

    Soon after departing Edgar’s house, Arcayus is caught by the Coyotes and sold to The
    Winchester Vault Pit. Forced to fight for the entertainment of others, he meets Akira, a 6ft
    bison who has lived his life within the fight pit walls. Confronted by this fate, Arcayus knows
    his only hope is Rose. But first he must battle to survive.


Starring Marcus McKenzie, Mandahla Rose, Roger Newcombe


Directed By Victoria Cocks
Written By Victoria Cocks
Produced By Kirsty Stark
Studio Epic Films


Drama , Action

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