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About Wolvesblade:

Wolvesblade wakes up dazed and bleeding on the magical forest floor. One of his ears is missing. His only companion is a fast talking wise-ass laptop called Laptop. his only weapon is a razor sharp samurai sword.
Wolvesblade must find out who he is, where his ear has gone, is SheWolf really his missus? – and why the evil Lord Bad C*** who rules the magical forest is sending evil henchmen to destroy him.



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    The Magical Forest

    Wolvesblade wakes up in the Magical Forest and can’t remember who he is. Luckily, Laptop is there to tell him all about what happened to him!


    The Fruit Seller

    On the hunt for his ear (and maybe hoping to bump into Shewolf for a pash) Wolvesblade comes across the first of Lord Bad Cun*’s evil henchmen – The Fruit Seller! Is is really just fruit in his basket? Does he even got a fejoa for Wolvesblade maybe?


    Simon Pederson and the Viking

    Laptop calls upon Simon Pederson (the great) to teach Wolvesblade how to be a killer. Wolvesblade then faces another of Lord Bad Cun*’s evil henchmen: The Viking!


    Ninja Assassins

    Wolvesblade gets some advice from special mentor Barnaby Weir and then must battle Lord Bad Cun*’s latest evil henchmen – the four ninja assassins!


    Giant Cardboard Robot Wolfbitch Killer

    Wolvesblade has killed most of the ninja assassins but is still no closer to finding his ear. Lord Bad Cun* is posting silly pictures of Wolvesblade online and then sends his latest evil henchman out for blood THE GIANT CARDBOARD ROBOT BLAH BLAH BLAH!. Will Wolvesblade survive this battle? Is the Giant Cardboard thingy wingy really all that its cracked up to be? Why do some Chinese real hardout like bear bile? Find out in this exciting episode of Wolvesblade!



    Upset and disillusioned, Wolvesblade tries his hand at begging but instead gets some knuckle sandwich charity from the gorgeous Shewolf! Is she gonna kill him for being a dick? Or has Shewolf got something else instore for Wolvesblade?


    Lord bad Cun* (part one)

    Wolvesblade finally meets up with his arch nemesis – the powerful and treacherous Lord Bad Cun*. What nasty tricks does the evil ruler have up his robe? How will Wolvesblade ever defeat him and get his ear back? Will laptop come through for his pal after all? Find out in this mentally electric episode of hopelessness!


    Lord bad Cun* (part two)

    In part two of this exciting and mind bending episode – Wolvesblade gets wasted by the evil Lord Bad Cun* and its looking pretty grim aye. Will laptop come thought for Wolvesblade – or is he on his own this time for real against the biggest and baddest mother in the magical forest?! And what if Wolvesblade was a vegetarian? oooh gross bro. Find out in the final part of Wolvesblade!


Jeremy Randerson aka Simon Peter
Rhys Morgan
William Radford Howel
Jacintha Rowland


Directed By Rhys Morgan and Liam Bachler
Written By Rhys Morgan
Screenplay By Rhys Morgan
Produced By Rhys Morgan


Comedy, Action, Drama